Natasha Strange

Portland Oregon


It’s time. I’ve explained the error of your ways in crushing detail. You apologize, tearfully as you crawl across My lap, but I know you will never fully learn your lesson unless you receive the spanking you so rightfully deserve. Shall I use the strap? The hairbrush? Or simply my firm hand? I adore spanking you. Soft and sensual. Nails teasing. Building until your ass is warm and tender. I have been pulling naughty things across my lap for over 20 years. Spanking is more than just a passing fancy for Me. I love everything about it from the anticipation, to the lessons I impart. What shall I teach you?

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Elegant, sensual and seductively strict, I have many specialities and a creative mind with which to initiate a decadently, indulgent session. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, when you enter the glamorous world of Dominantion you only ever hope to find someone who exceeds your expectations - a Dominant with the perception to know what you want, and the intuition to know where to take you.

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Mistress Chyna Vixxen - West Hollywood, CA, USA


Mistress Chyna Vixxen's Phonesex Dungeon Dial 1(888) 741-1076 all calls are $3.99 per min you MUST be 21 yrs of age to call. Phone-Webcam-Sessions-Travel. Whatever your pleasure- Whatever your pain

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