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Domina Victoria Rage of Seattle (Downtown)


Creative, deviant & highly inventive, I'm the woman who can turn you inside out without breaking a sweat. My pleasure is in power exchange, dominance through seduction... All you have to do is ask and I'll give you that shift in paradigm you so dearly need! Whether that happens to involve visions of yourself trussed in rope, held at my mercy and being endlessly teased or perhaps something much more salacious using my extensive experience and decade long collection of diabolical devices: all you have to do is ask...

Domina Victoria Rage | @Twitter

The Fetish Goddess of Seattle


I am different than other mistresses in the sense that I tend to more fetish needs in a more passionate, erotic manner, seducing on an intellectual and emotional level, as well as the sadistic physical one. I engage in a mature fashion, being more entertaining and classy than just a cold, robotic session.

 The Fetish Goddess | @Clips4Sale | Twitter

Mistress Katherine of Seattle


An always sensual, sometimes sadistic, and often silly, seductress with over 5 years of professional experience practicing my very unique style of domination. Whether you're just starting out or searching for a truly new way to experience your kink, you need look no further.

Mistress Katherine | Kat Ramblings

Mistress Katja Starkova of Seattle


Literate kink, enchanting beauty, complete confidentiality. Bondage and domination, feminization, chastity, humiliation, age-regression role play.

Mistress Katja Starkova

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Lady Vi of Seattle


Classic Bettie Page with a modern twist, Lady Vi is the perfect combination of sweet and sadistic. A real lifestyle Sadist and fierce Femme Domme in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. Whether you yearn to worship at the heel of a Dominant Woman, or be punished for the enjoyment of a sadistic Dominatrix, Lady Vi has you covered. An exploration of your deepest, darkest fetishes and desires - your journey begins here...

Lady Vi | Twitter

Lady Vi PM

Goddess Lilith Starr of Seattle


Goddess Lilith Starr is a tall, blond, busty, experienced Domina specializing in many areas, including Satanic initiation, hypnosis, blasphemy scenes, Goddess worship, humiliation, captivity, forced bi, slut training, chastity, and long term worship and ownership. She is a real-life Goddess in the flesh: wickedly intelligent, powerful beyond measure, and creatively sadistic. In-person, phone and webcam sessions available for the worthy. Visit

Goddess Lilith Starr | Twitter

Lilith Starr PM


Women dominating men, women dominating women, shemale domination, latex, leather, latex/rubber, PVC / vinyl, boots

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Kink Coaching of Seattle


Wake up and change! I draw from a fusion of skills and experience in professional Domination, Tantra, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to mold my clients into improved versions of themselves. Balancing rewards and punishments with cutting edge psychological science, I create life management programs that bond insight and pleasure to the challenging process of growth. My favorite predicaments to work with are weight loss, libido management, gentlemen training, etc. Ours will be a profound relationship.

Kink Coaching

Kink Coaching PM

Ms. Liliyana of Seattle


A lithe brunette with eyes and a smile to melt your heart, Ms. Liliyana is charming and elegant, yet down to earth. Her insightful conversation and dedication to the exploration of all things kinky makes her delightful domina to serve. Fierce and fearless, playful and perverted, Ms. Liliyana's reign and rule is like no other.

Ms. Liliyana | @Twitter

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