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Miss Sheri Darling of Orange County and Los Angeles


I'm a Dominant Player, Skilled Sadist & Kinky Fetishist. I tease & torment kinky perverts in Orange County, Los Angeles & wherever I may be traveling, so keep up. I enjoy playing with submissives and fetishists of all kinds, but sessions dont have to be about Domination and submission, we can have a fun escape into a fetish fantasy playtime that you will never forget. All sessions are held in a fully equipped play space, complete with all the right tools to tease and/or torment you. Politely request time with Me via My website.

Miss Sheri Darling | Blog | @Twitter

Mistress Kaila Yi of Los Angeles


Breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly skilled, profoundly intuitive Asian Goddess based in Los Angeles with frequent visits to SF & NYC.

Mistress Kaila Yi | With Kim Ronin

Miss Mina Meow of Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks)


I'm a sadistically seductive Domina with a wicked streak who loves to tease & torment those who submit to Me. My sadism is coupled with a warm & playful side & I've been known to giggle & laugh during My sessions while exploring your limits & pushing you farther.

Miss Mina Meow

Goddess Soma of Los Angeles


I am Goddess Soma, a Domina, Fetish Model, Actor, Live Performer. I am based in Los Angeles but travel extensively, practicing My craft and seeing select clients lucky enough to offer their worship. I am strict, beautiful and cruel. Mind, soul and body are entirely Mine when you are under My foot.

Goddess Soma | @Dungeon Servitus

Ava Zhang of Los Angeles


Miss Ava Zhang is a young Chinese Domina with an intimidating intellect, rapier wit, and devastating sense of cruel humor. Cerebral, commanding, and all the while charming, Miss Zhang enjoys putting men in their proper place. She will only consider holding sessions with subs who are no less than gentlemen with squeaky-clean manners.

Ava Zhang

Goddess Fae of San Diego


I'm a 6'3" statuesque, raven-haired Goddess who takes immense pleasure in using my feminine wiles to bring men & women to their knees. I embody the qualities of a succubus, increasing my arousal when feeding off the sexual excitement of others. My pansexual nature hungers for this seductive energy. I am a hedonistic Temptress who possesses a passion for the darker sensuality residing in BDSM, erotic fetishes, & kinky fantasies. I'm a Lifestyle & Professional Domina, Dungeon Mistress, and Alternative Life Coach.

Goddess Fae

Miss Vonn of Los Angeles


I was not given a title at birth, I am special because I am who I am, a woman named Miss Vonn who likes to humiliate and hurt people. I call you by whatever name I give you, you will address me as Miss Vonn. You are common, a quivering pile of man goo who must beg for the attention of a woman. You have fantasies that involve your pathetic prickette being tied to a board and being punished for the wicked thoughts it causes you. It's sad that you feel THIS is your only source of release. I must say I am glad you exist for my entertainment, bec...

Miss Vonn | @Sanctuary Studios LAX

Miss Vera Violante of Los Angeles (Downtown) and San Diego


My name is Miss Vera, and I am a highly skilled Player Who is sincerely passionate about BDSM. Human sexuality and sensuality have always been a big part of My psychological fascinations, and exploring them and what turns people on is in fact a turn on to Myself. I appreciate people who are willing to dig deep within themselves to discover who they are and with even greater reward, helping them get there. I aim to get inside your head and give you one of the most erotic BDSM experiences to which you ve ever succumb. Surrender yourself to Me.

Miss Vera Violante | @Twitter

Mistress Ashley Reigns of Los Angeles


I am the keeper of secrets and the facilitator of fantasy...On your knees will do nicely.

Mistress Ashley Reigns |  @Twitter

Ms. Alexandria Hunter of Oakland CA / San Francisco CA


Who controls your body? Imagine your body under My control feeling each sensation as I instruct your every move. I know your weaknesses. I will make you fitter and healthier, disciplining and watching you every step of the way. I will transform your body to be and look the way we both want it to. When you fail, I will punish you. When you comply, I will reward you. Your body, your fitness, and your health will be completely under My control. I am your willpower and will not let you slack off.

Ms. Alexandria Hunter | Twitter

Lexi Sindel of Los Angeles


Experienced & authentic Mistress Lexi is renowned for designing and conducting the ultimate experience in Professional Domination.

Lexi Sindel

MsMadyson of Los Angeles


I am The EuroBlack Phoenix. I shall ascending as your Exquisitely Sadistic Financial Dominatrix who does it all with style & grace. From draining you dry to drying My feet on you. From Fantasy Role playing to Corporal Punishment I’ll have you do anything else to entertain Me. With over 10yrs experience under My corset; I enjoy wearing fetish gear as well as sexy sensual attire; whatever I feel will make you a drooling fool. A deposit is required for all new clients which can be made via GreenDot MoneyPak emailing the code to

MsMadyson | @Niteflirt | Blog | @YouTube

Ms Nikki Nefarious of Los Angeles


Ms Nikki Nefarious is now scheduling sessions and working out of Los Angeles, California. She has partnerships with Southern California dungeons and her clients can rent their spaces at a discount for the full experience. She is scheduling individual sessions as well as sessions for couples.

Ms Nikki Nefarious

Mistress Selina Minx of Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)


The gift I offer is my utter enjoyment of being taken care of and my presence as a Goddess and Dominant Woman ...and the exquisite pleasure I take in exacting skillful pain, stripping away all of someone's power and binding them body and soul. I enjoy having my gorgeous, high-arched 7 1/2 size feet worshiped; punishing my slaves with my big collection of floggers, canes, crops and strap-on dildos; doing elaborate Japanese and freestyle bondage and many other fetishes not listed here...

Mistress Selina Minx

Mistress Shae Flanigan of Los Angeles and San Diego


Over the last 15 years, My skills have been perfected to slowly free you from the drudgery and stress of your life. By nature I am a sadistic Dominant Top and take great joy watching submissives and masochists work their way through intellectual and physical hoops to please Me. Those who have known My company, know that My sadism takes many forms and whether I choose pain, delicious torments or humiliation to amuse Myself with you, one look in My eyes will leave no doubt in your heart that this life is My greatest passion.

Mistress Shae Flanigan

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Goddess Gaga


Sapphic Film Star, Fetish Model, Exotic Goddess, Smut Producer & Kink Expert Offering custom video clips as well as both online and in-person sessions in the Los Angeles area!

Goddess Gaga

Mistress Chase of San Diego


Experienced, Sensual, Sadistic Domme, equipped to take you out of your vanilla world into my Decadent & Lush entangled web. I enjoy a variety of BDSM play. Check out my activities page on my website for further information.

Mistress Chase | @Twitter


Goddess Venus Da Mikka of San Diego


Goddess Venus Da Mikka, come to me for a beautiful spanking, kiss on my feet, lick my boots, and do stare into my eyes with fear when I beat you. Become my spitting slut, my face slapping whore, strap-on sucking bitch!

Goddess Venus Da Mikka


Mistress Astoria Reich of Los Angeles


Mistress Astoria Reich's Slaveclub - Lifestyle Dominatrix in Los Angeles, Training worthy submissives at her whim.

Mistress Astoria Reich's Slave Club


Victoria Hunter of Orange County and Los Angeles


Southern California's Hottest Dominatrix. Classically Trained, Independent, Well Established & Highly Regarded; A Stellar ProDomme. Stunning, Witty Italian/Dutch Mistress.  5 foot 9 tall, busty, slender & tone. Size 10 foot, high arch, long toes. Owner and Mistress of the most Elaborate, Fully Equipped Studio & Only True Genuine “White Room” on the West Coast. Disciplinarian, Role-Play Specialist, Humiliatrix, Fetish, BDSM, Medical, Latex and MORE... I welcome new and experienced players.

| The Clinic | @Twitter


Asian Mistress Lucy Khan


Intelligent, imaginative, and highly disciplined, I am a former collegiate athlete with an elite-level education. As such, creating twisted scenarios that incorporate both body and brain excite Me the most. Like a tornado revolving around a calm, still center, I move with focus and grace as I upend the psyches that lay in My path. The curves of My strong, feminine lines demand to be worshipped as I tower over you, manipulating your puppet strings…

Mistress Lucy / SubmissionLA / Twitter / Amazon

Mistress Mystique of Los Angeles


I am the royally Evil Ebony FemDomme you dream to serve. My lifestyle is classic and sensual, certainly always in control. Always in charge, you are left with no option but to submit. And, submit you will! I demand strict obedience and respect at all times. I take pleasure in reminding you of your place. Bow down before your Superior slave boy!


Mistress Mystique

rsz_mistressmystique rsz_blowingsmoke-lk_new

Goddess of the Dark - Los Angeles


Gorgeous Superior ProDomme Goddess ~Perfection~ Femdom Evil Fun ;) a true sadist that geniune enjoys playing with human toys I bat them around, torture them before I finally sink my claws in I am a wicked powerful creature encased in perfection I am an experienced lifestyle domme - no little girl playing dress up - the real deal! I do what I want & never follow a script I do not overplan my sessions. I go with the mood & energy between myself & my subs. This keeps thing fresh and fun! Every session is unique! ...and I always have fun!

Goddess of the Dark

Goddess of the Dark PM


Women dominating men, women dominating women, shemale domination, latex, leather, latex/rubber, PVC / vinyl, boots

Lady Athena
Lady Karina PM

Den of Iniquity LA


The Den of Iniquity is a fully equipped 1850 sq ft BDSM studio in the heart of the Arts District, in DTLA. Includes bondage beds, two canopy suspensions, stocks, two hand-crank winch, dog cage, two CBT chairs, spanking horse hanging ball cage, gurney, G-ring, ball stocks, bondage chair, St Andrews cross, kneeling hassock, hand crank winch, spanking horse, spanking block, dog cage, standing cage, full cross-dressing wardrobe, throne with open seat &more! Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals available! To Book A Rental ( 213 ) 623 -1520

Den of Iniquity

f-3-9-8204534_osvJAwrC_BlueBig_edited-1 PM Ms Alex Hunter PM

Mistress Anli of Los Angeles


Los Angeles Asian dominatrix, gleeful sadist, Stockholme Syndrome enthusiast, and booty extraordinaire

Mistress Anli | Clips4Sale

Mistress Anli PM AshleyReignsPM

Cybill Troy of Downtown LA


Domina Cybill Troy is a skilled, serious Dominant Fetishist & Sadist based in Downtown Los Angeles & New York City, With interests & abilities as endless as her unrivaled fetish wardrobe & equipment, her effortless Dominance brings both novices & experienced players to their knees with ease. Visit for more photos, videos, session information, and appointments.

CybillTroy | Twitter

CybillTroy PM

Miss Natalie Sharp


Elegant TRANSgression I am a girl in her mid-twenties, who was raised as a boy, and by now you should know that... I am in charge here! To serve Me, share time with Me, or otherwise engage with Me, you must know your place in this universe. Your role will be to indicate what you find enticing about the potential to share time with Me and I will create a session for us that engages you. Alternatively I am available to negotiate much more involved and prolonged experiences, frequently traversing a range of venues.


Miss Sharp | Twitter

new pandemos banner rsz_misssharp Domina Shuki PM

Domina Shuki


Whether you're curious and faint-hearted or a complete masochist, I enjoy all kinks during play. I enjoy EVERYTHING it is that you feel : that deep-felt, unrelenting need for you to be USED, OBJECTIFIED & STRIPPED of ALL control. I'll show you how hot - how hard - being my bitch can really get. ALTHOUGH... not before I MAKE you oink like my little piggie. BEG like a sissy bitch. Perhaps I might make you gobble up your own snot pile... Check my links before contacting me for more instant mind-melting play from the UK's HOTTEST Pro-Domme xoxo

Domina Shuki | Twitter

Mistress Minax of San Francisco


Whether my stroke or words be gentle or harsh, you need surrender and I will take you there. Mature, sophisticated, humorous and sadistic...I am a domina, a trickster and a healer. My sumptuous Lair is exquisitely equipped with bondage table/chair, sling, fucking machines, venus 2000 for men, stainless steel toys, medical grade everything. You will find yourself fully seen and heard and trained with compassion and skill.

Mistress Minax | @Twitter 


Elyse Lovara of Los Angeles


EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE A LIFESTYLE PLAYER MAKES AT OUR PRIVATE & DISCREET FULLY EQUIPPED DUNGEON. Each of Our skilled Mistresses are selected for Their beauty, intelligence and serious devotion to the fetish lifestyle. They are personally trained by the Head Mistress and embody the values of true Female Dominance. All Experience levels are considered, from novice to heavy players. We specialize in edge play and bizarre fetishes.

Elyse Lovara | Twitter

Elyse LovaraPM

Mistress Simone Justice of Los Angeles


Lifestyle Mistress and Pro-Domme with 20+yrs experience, internationally renowned, mentor to top dominatrices, writer, and S&M performer. I'm also a Sublime Lady of OWK since 1997 and often travel for events. My specialty is Enslavement. My favorite techniques: Bondage, Caning, Chastity/Denial, Corporal, Cross-dress, Electricity, FinDom, Foot Worship, Flogging, Humiliation, NT, CBT, Sensory Deprivation, Slave Training, Suspension, Verbal Domination, and Whipping.


Mistress Simone Justice | Fetlife | @Twitter | Tumblr


Princess Fawn of Southern California


Fit Blonde Humiliatrix and FemDom tease available for foot worship and playful Domination sessions. Fully equipped incall studio space in Los Angeles. Specialties include leg, shoe, and nylon pantyhose fetish, scent/sweat play, sissy-training, and forced feminization. I also enjoy slave-training, corporal punishment, bondage/restraints, and creative psychodrama roleplay scenarios.

Princess Fawn| @Twitter |


Mistress Vlada of Orange County and Los Angeles


Trained in Russia now based in Orange County/Los Angeles. Over 8 years of experience. I conduct sessions in a private dungeon. My style is intense and sensual. My sessions are BDSM, Fetish-oriented. I enjoy light to heavy play where I can push your boundaries. I am a master of hypno-fantasy, be prepared for a mind-fuck.

Mistress Vlada |


Mistress Corinne, Los Angeles


A true Domina residing in Los Angeles, I am a strict but very playful Mistress with a firm but loving hand. I am strong, intelligent and sexy. I prefer a whisper to a shout and consider Myself an intuitive Player with 15 years experience. With My knowledge of the Dark Arts, I cater to all fantasies and fetishes. I will demand your full attention with a glance or a slight brush of your skin against Mine.You will recognize My enjoyment when I smile at the sight of your torment. I welcome all novices, submissives, kinkster and couples.

Mistress Corinne




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