Domina M

New Website; New Photos |

Hello from my Paris dungeon,

Here we go again. . .It is true; I have removed all my videos and past photos after making them free for 6 months to help all of you through the beginnings of stay at home orders. It is time to move on for me and focus on in-person sessions only. I know, I know, when they can happen. It is coming sooner than later. If you live in France or have the opportunity to visit here, then you can book a session or rent the dungeon with your partner. While I have always maintained a standard of cleaning well above hospitals, it is even more thorough now. I have some videos on the website that cover my process. And no matter where you live, you should check out my new website and photos. I have been marathon training for the better part of a year now and have acquired a lean, vegan athlete’s body, which demanded a whole new series of photos. It’s all free, so you can save your pennies to get to Paris and serve me in person. I hope you enjoy it. I have to run—quite literally! Domina M

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