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My slave Furniture


When they are not working themselves to the bone, making money to spoil Me rotten, males belong quiet and underfoot. This clip illustrates how I use them to assure My heels and My ass have a nice soft place to rest. Oh and a place to rest My manhattan while I leaf through a magazine. Does My weight make it hard to breathe slave? Too damn bad. you're a lounge chair, a throw rug, or a toilet to Me.  









Deadly Heels...The Conclusion

Its all about the angles dear! Wonderful angle shots of spikey heels digging into nipples, ribs and privates! Shot from above looking down past long legs and into the carnage below cruel heels. Shot from eye level so you can see the pain 'up close'. I sit on the crying pile and change from My pencil thin Italian pumps into My chrome heel, steel toed punishment pumps. The heel caps are solid steel and have been pounded down to a razor edge from hours pounding the streets. I squat and do knee bends up and down on My slave's chest and quiz him on which heels hurt the worst, but he is too busy crying to hear his answer. Awwww...poor piggy! The series ends with a shot of the damaged chest of My pig. Days later it was a lovely canvas of yellow, green and blue bruises. I am an artist at heart. Pain is My paint. you are My canvas!!








Cock & Balls vs Pumps


My slave built Me a new toy...this lovely cock trampling box! I have wanted one forever and its just as much fun poking, prodding, crushing his pathetic balls and weiner as I thought it would be! Beautiful chrome heel black patent pumps were the perfect choice along with their well worn sharp edged heels. I wear silky black stockings for the first part of the video and shed them near the end for some bare legged looks. Nice close-ups of the action as well.







You Will Pay Dearly For A Taste of Cock!


This is the final installment in My racial domination series. My 'n' slave gets to put those big fat lips of it's to work sliding them up and down Me and pleasuring Me. Of course, the whole time I am describing the beating it will receive later that evening and how much I will be enjoying it! A slave like this must pay for the privilege of having Me in it's mouth and this one will pay DEARLY! Finally, after I have cum on it's face it must kneel and lick up the spillage from the cold, dirty concrete floor while I use it for a footstool! WARNING...Derogatory racial terms and stereoptypes are used in this clip and others in this series. If this offends you, move on. These do not reflect My personal beliefs and are done for fetish fulfillment purposes. Mistress Divinyl



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