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Mistress Mena Croft of Royal Oak


Look at me! I said, look at me you sissies and sluts! I already know what you're thinking. You gaze at my powerful beautiful images and your mind starts racing, you feel your pulse quicken, you feel weak in the knees and all you can think about is, are you worthy enough to serve me? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced slave, I think you can tell that I will keep you in line, train you how to serve me and keep me interested, amuse me, impress me!

Mistress Mena Croft




Mistress Alicia of Detroit TRANSGENDER


A classy fetish Shemale professional Dominatrix. A sensual Domme with a firm grip! I have a fully equiped dungeon in the NW Detroit area. I have so many favorites, check out my site.

Mistress Alicia

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Domina Kat Morgan


Is there something you want? Scared to ask? Come, whisper it in my ear. Tell me your deepest darkest desires & I will tell you if you are worthy of serving me. Have you been a naughty boy (18 plus) in need of a spanking? Do you like wearing exotic fashions? Would it give you secret pleasure to worship my boots? I love for you to squirm and see the look of fearful excitement in your eyes as you await your deserved punishment. My small well appointed dungeon space has everything needed to give you an experience you won't soon forget.

Domina Kat Morgan