Maitresse Nuit is a well regarded French Dominatrix and Sadist. Although she considers herself a Londoner, having spent many years in the U.K, she hasn't quite shaken her accent or lost a hedonistic 'Je ne sais quoi'. She is elegant, educated, determined, intuitive and a cruel Alpha Female.


A lover of erotic transgressions, an aesthete and fetishist, with a strong background in performance and visual arts and a passion for BDSM, she delights in controlling and staging the theatre of your mind. She enjoys applying her creativity, intelligence and inspiration to bear on her sessions and her rituals. Your fears and obsessions are her inspiration, your agony her pleasure. An expert of the human psyche with a commitment to the art of communication, she leads you on the path to submission and devotion.


Her areas of interest lie in •

Discipline, through Corporal Punishment, the single tail and the cane are her favourite implements.

• Strict Training, whether chastity training, slave training, or young ladies Finishing School.

• Rituals, Ceremonies, elaborate Kidnapping and Deviant Salons, the stage is her element. She indulges in extensive role-play and intricate scenarios, her multiple Dom sessions have serious aficionados.

• Endurance through Bondage. Layers of exquisite shibari, classic BDSM rope bondage, latex, cling film and leather Bondage. She lures, ensnares you in her web. with a snap and a smile and control you are under her spell. She loves hoods and hooks, ropes and knots.

• Gender exploration, including feminisation and forced feminisation, she pulls the female from your shadows. She uses, abuses and objectifies the wanton and timid slut alike.

• Edge play, needles, hooks, fisting, breath play... Torture is her ultimate pleasure.


Mistress hosts regular Naughty Girl Salons in her dungeon. Perhaps you might be lucky enough to be invited for tea. Maitresse Nuit receives patrons in her own beautiful Baroque studio "The Seraglio' in Central London, not far from Liverpool Street Station and Kings Cross International.

Her bespoke chamber is a fully-equipped versatile space, with specialised BDSM furniture and Shibari suspension. This includes an amazing bondage throne, human size bird cage, vintage gynecological chair and a very comfortable spanking bench. These blend effortlessly with Persian carpets, heavy damask drapes, antique lanterns and mirrors brought back from Mistress's travels.




It is a good idea to visit her website, to read and look at her photo galleries, before making contact with her. Furthermore, it is recommended to email her to introduce yourself properly. Visits are by appointment only and booked in advance. The length of her sessions are typically 1h30' to 4h. However, longer sessions are negotiable with the genuinely interested and interesting gentleman.




TWITTER: @MaitresseNuit