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I understand your submissive desires. You yearn to be at the feet of a Goddess, to be given a chance to please and serve a Supreme Female Deity. But, it's not as easy as you simply wanting something and then getting it. You must be worth the time and space of a non-compromising, strict Goddess such as I.


I expect nothing but the absolute best and anything less will simply not be tolerated. Take a look – as you can see from the pictures on My website, I am an Amazonian Queen. I stand at 5' 9” with My bare feet and I use My power and strength effectively to get what I want.


Understand this – and take heed. This is all about Me and My wants. My Dominant nature isn't an act or a front for your fantasies, to be turned on or off. I am what I am and this all comes naturally for Me. If I feel disrespected or undermined in any way, you'll soon find out that My wrath is like none other you've ever encountered before – I can assure you of that.


For all my latest news, details of how to book a session, my members area, and much more, then please use the information below...............


Prior arrangements are inevitable for a firm booking with your Mistress , its always suitable to have mistress expect you for your training than just turn up at her chambers. Although i take same day appointment i would prefer a day.s notice for tasks that need time for preparation such as toilet training or Fetish outfit modelling .



TWITTER: @GoddessDionne

TEL: +44 (0)7899 056 552

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