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By Pandemos, Jan 22 2017 01:30PM

Before I "dive-in" and tell you what's happened, let Me say hello, happy New Year and I hope this finds you well!

For privacy reasons, It's rare for Me to send out mailings. Please know that I'm doing so now, because I feel the matter at hand, is important. Notwithstanding, this would be a good time, to check-in & update your preferences (below).

If you haven't heard already...backpage has shut down...which is a pretty big deal. Backpage had become one of the most widely used, advertising source for providers & clients. Although Myself & other Mistresses saw this coming...many did not. We are all, still working through this.

The purpose of this email is to let you know where Our ads are migrating to. You can still, locate providers in your area. Please see the following links;

Read this to understand "why it happened" & the economic ramification that may occur

• Read what Domina Victoria Rage has to say "Backpage Is Down -How To help- Where to Find Your Favorite Providers Now!

Go here for My personal list of Pro-Domme referrals..both USA & International Mistresses ("Fellow Dommes, contact Me to be added!)

For Myself, I was undoubtedly one of "longest running" & "heaviest advertisers" on backpage. Many had been following My ads on that platform for years...not to worry however..for you & others...thankfully a simple keyword, "Google Search" will find Me. My website(s) rankings are good and I'm easily locatable.

Until then behave & stay calm ~V

By Pandemos, Feb 1 2015 07:30PM

From our last Blog bringing you details of Femdom in the International News with Mistress Jadis making the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend, it seems that the trend is sweeping the globe !

Los Angeles Dominatrix, Mistress Justine Cross has just been featured in the current edition of the LA "Bible" - "Los Angeles Magazine !

Inside, Mistress Justine Cross has a full-page Q&A feature, and is as forthright as always and definitely on top form - or as "Los Angeles Magazine" puts it....."When it comes to her career, Mistress Justine Cross takes orders from no-one !"

For more information on Mistress Justine Cross, please visit: or Follow @Justineplays

By Pandemos, Jan 27 2015 01:37PM

LA-based Mistress Justine Cross has just posted some news that will delight her global following of adoring particular those of you with a penchant for all things "Foot Fetish" !

"I am pleased announce that I won the 2015 Footnight‘s Most Fascinating and Captivating Model!

I have been attending Footnight for several years and have always enjoyed my time there, meeting lovely new people as well as having some of the same regulars over the years.

I look forward to continuing to attend Footnight parties when I am in Los Angeles and perhaps making it to one of the others offered in different cities.

Thank you to all my loyal fans and clients who have voted for me! I look forward to you worshipping my feet soon.

Congratulations to my friend Mistress Lynn Pops who won Fan Favorite of the Year.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Footnight:"

For more information, please visit: or Follow @Justineplays

By Pandemos, Sep 8 2014 09:14PM

LA’s Miss Sheri darling has been in touch, and gentlemen, this is one busy lady…..and for good reasons too !

“I thought I would say hello to you pervs who enjoy stalking Me on all of My social media :) Ive actually gotten six times more traffic this month than I did at this time last year! By the end of the month I should be at seven times more traffic! I love it! It gets Me off knowing undercover (or not so

undercover) sluts worldwide are hard about serving Me.

I’ve been meeting lots of new pervs in person as well. I have a nice handful of play partners that have been keeping Me quite spoiled and entertained in as well as outside of the dungeon - thank you guys! I love seeing what else I can do to you or get you to do for Me. Win/Win….always !”

One of the reasons to interact with Miss Sheri Darling at is to get on Her “good list”. Be a good boy, and you’ll get on Her special list of people that recieve the sexy teases She likes to send out. But a word of caution from the Lady herself :

“No they aren't free, lol, you’re not that special. I’m greedy & stingy…..and you LOVE it !”

My Wish List – make Me happy !

“Here is what My POBox should look like more often. Thank you to the perverts who invest in My happiness and especially to the ones who can’t live without going out of their way to serve Me & make Me happy ! Click HERE for one of My wishlist links & enjoy making Me even happier !”

LA Multi-Mistress Party

Miss Sheri Darling has also announced that there are now opportunities to serve Her at the next LA Multi-Mistress party (September 19th).

“These parties seem to just get better tenfold each time! It’s pretty amazing that its possible since they started out with a bang (cock sucking gang bang to be more specific lol) but it seems that once the word gets out that We are having another party the sluts just line up. Its great! “

Click HERE for info and to purchase your ticket to serve LA's sexiest 12 Mistresses !

Miss Sheri Darling will be attending September Surrender - A fetish event happening in Dallas 9/11-9/14.

“I’m very excited to get out of town for a weekend of kinky fun with likeminded perverts!

Performances, fetish parties & pool lounging ? Sounds perfect right now!

Are you in Dallas waiting to serve Me? Speak up & send an email with tribute if you’d like to persuade Me into allowing you to serve Me while I am in town.”

Domme Trips – Dominican Republic

Besides “September Surrender” in a few weeks, Miss Sheri Darling’s travels will be taking Her to DommeTrips in the Dominican Republic ( October 20th – 27th )

“This will be My 3rd time at this event & it can’t come soon enough ! I hope some more of you decide to come on this fun getaway !”

Phew ! That is some schedule – but that’s not all……

”Other than travel I plan to be right here at home. I tend to fill My free time between live sessions in West LA or North OC by being on the phone for phone sessions or on cam for phone with cam sessions through

Lets get kinky!

Serve Me !”

For further information, please contact

By Pandemos, Sep 2 2014 08:00AM

There’s more to Los Angeles-based Mistress Justine Cross than meets the eye, for this stunning Mistress also owns and operates “DungeonWest”, LA’s only exclusive, private dungeon.

“After many years of renting from commercial and private dungeons, my career grew exponentially and I realized that I needed my own dungeon. Many slaves contributed to the creation of DungeonWest, but the design and fruition are all mine. I am constantly improving and adding to the space to ensure it is more than just functional, but a truly divine femdom experience !”

AtDungeonWest, you will enjoy total privacy and exclusivity – there are no other rooms, rather an open floor-plan studio divided into three areas: lobby/waiting area, play area and domestic setting. The space is large at over 1400 sq.ft.with15′-20′ ceilings and polished concrete floors

“I love to hear my heels clicking across the cool floor and there’s more than enough room to swing my longest of whips !” says Mistress Justine Cross, who recently held an amazing event that showcased DungeonWest in all its kinky glory………..the “Naughty Circus” came to town !

Even Mistress Justine Cross struggled to find the words to describe the recent “Naughty Circus” at DungeonWest, although her brief statement…“Epic. F*cking. Party.” gives you a hint at what went on ! Every picture tells a story, so have a look at these pics and see for yourselves !

For more information please visit:

Mistress Justine Cross


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